welcome to (219).

once upon a time, there were two guys…they loved beer…and as a result, the rest is history!

well…we’re missing a few steps. but the two guys, bill mccarel and joe juarez, were living in chesterton when they realized something. there was some untapped (pardon our pun) potential to bring the beer they love to the place they love.

what was once a joke quickly became something real, and a lot of good luck or good karma or whatever you want to call it came into play. chesterton was entering a new sort of renaissance; mashcraft brewing, which would become (219)’s flagship brewer, was looking to expand into new markets; and joe had a in-law connection to mashcraft’s head brewer.

the two decided a taproom would be perfect for the area. it could feature star players in the growing indiana craft brewing scene and it would bring new beers to chesterton. fun but approachable (and always local) bar food options could be offered. community outreach opportunities were abundant.

buildings were toured. beers were tasted. expertise was given. beers were tasted. time passed, but the building’s been picked and restored, the advice has been heard, and yes…the beers have been tasted.

it feels like it’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally time: great beer for a great community. it’s time for (219).