we’ve got choices for everyone, with a lot of friendly features and an emphasis on seasonal efforts.

yes, all of these are good with beer. we’ve checked.

snacks: from the wall and the kitchen

(219) taproom bar mix

our house bar mix — traditional chex mix with thai cashews and candied ginger

broad ripple potato chips

original or sweet & spicy offerings from our friends down south

tell city pretzels

classic hard baked treats from our friends at tell city
offered with or without pub cheese (but it’s better with it)

protein snack sticks

a rotating selection of “easy to eat” beer meat snacks: summer sausage, turkey jerky, venison, etc.

bavarian-style soft pretzel

served with house beer cheese and dark ale mustard

plates to share (or not)

house-made choice pierogis

yes, joe & t’s handmade pierogis.
served with “proper accoutrements” depending upon the flavors offered. (maybe cheesy potatoes, mac & cheese, spinach artichoke…but ask just in case.)

cornbread waffle

a classic served hot off the waffle iron. served with bourbon honey butter

seasonal flatbread

maple butternut squash, ricotta cheese and crispy caramelized onions top off some fresh sage for a classic trattoria favorite

meat + cheese board

smoked meats and creamery cheeses with seasonal accoutrements


uniquely midwestern

start with barley and seasonal greens, add summer corn, roasted poblano peppers and cherry tomatoes, and toss with cilantro vinaigrette. it’s hoosier hospitality in a bowl

the (219) mac

our house mac & cheese…enough said.
no, it doesn’t come as a salad

“the house” green salad

it changes with the seasons.
greens, veggies, probably nuts or seeds, usually fresh or dried fruit, and cheese. check the chalkboard

classic chili

chunks o’ beef, beer, beans and ancho chili goodness.
served with cornbread waffle

house soup

always homemade, always fresh, always pretty darn good.
check the chalkboard for today’s offering

all the other stuff: served with kettle chips + pickles

back in the (219)

our signature sandwich!
start with soppresatta salami and capocolla, add provolone cheese, olive tapenade, tomato aoili, PPO’s and arugula. then put it on the panini press. boom, you’re home

the almost meg

house roasted turkey, smoked bourbon-cured bacon, provolone, honeycup mustard and seasonal greens.
served hot off the panini

the t

bratwurst on a brioche bun
served with dark ale mustard and carmelized onions

(219) classic waffle

shredded beef brisket, pimento cheese and our IPA slaw between a belgian waffle. you can sub naan bread for waffle to make it less fun

korean kimchi waffle

shredded korean bbq pork topped with housemade kimchi and pickled daikon radish. yes, you can sub the waffle for naan

guest star sandwiches

we’ll rotate our sandwiches every few weeks to make them new and different (we use that loosely). check the chalkboard for “who’s up now and what’s on deck”


the brownie

served with milk stout fudge sauce

the pie of the season

slice served with or without ice cream

kids of any age: served with chips or apple sauce

kids (219) mac

our mac & cheese for kids. no need to make it complicated

kid’s grilled cheese

cheddar cheese + farmhouse bread = satisfied stomach

pb & j

peanut butter and jelly get a fun upgrade by being sandwiched between belgian waffle slices

all-beef hot dog

served all naked, but we give you condiments