back in the (219)
our signature sandwich! start with soppresatta salami and capocolla, add provolone cheese, olive tapenade, tomato aoili, PPO’s and arugula. then put it on the panini press. boom, you’re home
(219) classic waffle
shredded beef brisket, pimento cheese and our IPA slaw between a belgian waffle. you can sub naan bread for waffle to make it less fun
korean kimchi waffle
shredded korean bbq pork topped with housemade kimchi and pickled daikon radish. yes, you can sub the waffle for naan
guest star sandwiches
we’ll rotate our sandwiches every few weeks to make them new and different (we use that loosely). check the chalkboard for “who’s up now and what’s on deck”
ham panini
house-roasted turkey, bourbon-cured smoked bacon, fair oaks sweet swiss cheese, honeycup mustard and seasonal greens on the panini press
mashcraft beer bratwurst on a golden bun, served w/ dark ale mustard, sauerkraut and caramelized onions
thanksgiving waffle
get in the season with this cornbread stuffing waffle, house-roasted turkey and cranberry sauce topped with gravy. 
bbq pork waffle
pulled bbq pork and bourbon-cured smoked bacon on a belgian waffle